Download & Upload Grants

Please download the appropriate application form.

When uploading your application, please save your application as a PDF named as Lastname_Firstname_RoundYear.pdf. (Eg, Smith_John_Summer2015.pdf) 

Do not include receipts in your application. 

Important Note:

In drafting your application, please bear in mind that the committee considers applications from many disciplines, and takes both merit and need into account. While it is important to describe your research and its importance clearly, avoid overly technical description. Also, be sure to explain why you need the grant to attend the conference, and the importance of the conference to your graduate career.


Typically it takes about 2-3 weeks to hear back from us after the due date. You WILL receive a response - so if we do not get back to you check your spam folder and check online for the announced winners. Email us if you have any other questions. 

Upload your application for a spring conference grant / summer research grant here.

 **This is both for the spring conference grant and summer research grant. Make sure to use the correct form and name the document correctly. 


Deadlines for Conference Grants (By Midnight): 
Fall Conference Grant: October 14, 2016
Winter Conference Grant: February 10, 2017
Spring Conference Grant: April 14, 2017
Summer Research Grant: April 14, 2017




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