Student Groups and Organizations


Welcome to our info page for student groups and organizations. Here are a few details and differences between student groups and organizations. While GSC funds both, the organizations are eligible for a smaller chunk of GSC funding compared to student groups.


October Meeting Student Group Funding: September 23, 2016
December Meeting Student Group Funding: November 18, 2016
March Meeting Student Group Funding: February 24, 2017
May Meeting Student Group Funding: April 14, 2017


Graduate Student Groups (GSGs) 

  • Focus on a general topic of interest that may, for example, be cultural, sports-related, advocacy-oriented, or even related to an interdisciplinary education endeavor
  • NOT affiliated with a Harvard department, division or program
  • The majority of membership must consist of GSAS students with GSAS officers
  • Approval from the Committee on Graduate Education required
  • Refer the student handbook for information on how to start a GSG (to be updated)
  • Yearly renewal with GSC required. Form here (to be updated)
  • List of active GSGs available here. Contact Jackie Yun and Janet Daniels for more information.
  • Eligible for a bigger pool of GSC funding


Departmental Graduate Student Organizations (DGSOs) 

  • Affiliated with a Harvard department, division or program
  • Require “official” support and backing from the department
    • i.e. Expected to get majority funding (>=50%) from the department
  • GSC reimbursement through the department
  • Can begin immediately and independently of Committee on Graduate Education’s approval. 
  • Yearly renewal with GSC required. Form here (to be updated)
  • List of active DGSO’s available here
  • Eligible for a smaller pool of GSC funding

We encourage students to write up a charter or constitution, you can see a sample constitution here from the History Department's DGSO.



P.S. There may also be undergraduate student groups that address topics, including divestment, Title IX, and labor action, that you may be interested in. While you are welcome to form a new group with fellow graduate students on the same foundations as undergraduate groups, we encourage graduate students to develop close relationships with undergraduates as frequently as possible or look into university-wide groups. Check to see whether there might be a Harvard undergraduate group or University-Wide Group that appeals to you.