The Graduate Student Council offers grants for conference attendance and summer research on a competitive basis to GSAS students.

  • Conference grants are up to $750 in accountable expenses, but no more than is requested in the original application. These grants are intended to help cover some of the expenses incurred while attending conferences.
  • Summer research grants of up to $1000 are available for students doing research during the summer vacation period. Summer research grants are given as a stipend and do not require receipts.

Conference grants are awarded three times per year, with application deadlines generally in October, February, and April. Consult the grant guidelines for more detailed information about eligibility, deadlines and the application process.


For the 2016-2017 academic year, the deadlines to submit Conference and Summer Research Grant Applications Are:

Deadlines for Conference Grants (By Midnight):
Fall Conference Grant: October 14, 2016
Winter Conference Grant: February 10, 2017
Spring Conference Grant: April 14, 2017
Summer Research Grant: April 14, 2017


All applications are due by midnight on the day of the deadline. We cannot grant extensions.