You will find here resources to help you navigate the day-to-day functioning of the GSC and GSAS. Below you will find links that should be helpful for answering a number of questions you might have about where to go for assistance with various issues related to student life on and off campus.*

List of Tips for Harvard Graduate Students: A great resource for all grad students!

M2 Shuttle Schedule

FAS Registrar: Obtain transcripts, file for completion or a leave of absence, petition to waive late fees, and much more.

Harvard International Office: Everything from tax assistance to visa information. 

The GSAS Student Center: Stay connected with other graduate students through The GSAS Student Center's tremendous social and cultural programming, or get in touch to reserve room space.

Paid Parental Time Off: Whether you're adopting or having a child of your own, moms and dads-to-be should contact GSAS in order to plan time off 4 months before your child's birth/arrival.

Office of Career Services: The OCS works to educate, connect, and advise students about opportunities for summer and post-graduation. Look for career fairs or schedule to meet with an advisor regarding employment opportunities.

GSAS Student Groups: Information on current GSAS student groups and contact information for those interested in getting involved.

GSAS Student Affairs & Services: Meet up with Dean Garth McCavana, Jaqueline Yun, or Patrick O'Brian to confidentially discuss any issues that have arisen regarding academics or student life.

Harvard Teaching Campaign: The Harvard Teaching Campaign is calling for a cap of 12 on all mandatory and graded sections and lab groups. Section and lab groups are an integral component of undergraduate education, and large sections make personalized attention from TFs impossible. Large sections sizes also create much more work for graduate student TFs, and compromise their ability to make progress on their research.

Harvard Horizons: The Harvard Horizons initiative showcases eight accomplished PhD students each year as they deliver succinct and informative talks about their research—you could be one of them! These opportunities allow students to master the communications skills that all graduates need to persuasively describe their topic to funders, hiring committees, interviewers, and the general public.

Tax Talks: In partnership with the GSAS Office of Financial Aid, a number of tax talks are held throughout the year catered towards different graduate student populations. Presentations are provided courtesy of Robert Underwood, CPA and can be found at the bottom of this page. 


*This is a list in progress. If you have a link you think students should have, please email us!

Tax Talks for G1s and G2s (December 7th, 2020)965 KB