Departmental Representatives

GSAS departments and graduate programs are asked to specifically designate one or more student representatives to the GSAS Student Council. These individuals will be expected to attend GSC meetings regularly and will have their attendance recorded for department representation. Representation at a minimum of two meetings a semester is necessary to qualify for conference and research grants the following semester.

Representatives should communicate GSC news and information to students within their departments, and should relay the concerns of students to the GSC.

It is hoped that representatives will be elected by the students within a department or graduate program. Those selected as department representative(s) should contact their graduate coordinator or department administrator to be sure that they are properly registered with the GSC.

If you are a department representative for the 2019-20 academic year, please fill out this form.


2019-2020 Representatives:

African & African American Studies: Elsa Hardy, Bulelani Jili

American StudiesDylan Nelson

Anthropology: Sarah Loomis, Veronica Peterson, Melina Seabrook

Architecture, Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning: Sarah Hutcheson, William Conroy

Astronomy: Harshil Kamdar, Ian Weaver

Biological Sciences in Dental Medicine: Open Position 

Biological Sciences in Public Health: Harim Won, Kiwi Florido

Biology, Molecular & Cellular: Jacob Austerman, Open Position (2)

Biology, Organismic and Evolutionary: Austin Garner, Jacob Suissa, Kadeem Gilbert

Biophysics: Open Position (2)

Biostatistics: Lee Kennedy-Shafer, Open Position (1)

Business Administration: Nataliya Langburd Wright

Business Economics: Open Position (2)

Celtic Languages & Literatures: Oisin Muirthile

Chemical Biology: Limor Cohen, Clare Canavan, Sebastian Rowe

Chemistry and Chemical Biology: Jason Anesini, Paloma Tuttle, Emily Kerr

ClassicsEmily Mitchell, Connor North

Comparative Literature: Aurelien Bellucci, Georgia Soares

Data Science: Dylan Randle, Open Position (2)

Division of Medical Sciences:

Biological and Biological Sciences: Talia Hart, Breanna Titchen, Open Position (1)

Biomedical informatics: Open Position (2)

Immunology: Open Position (2)

Neurobiology: Jon Andersen, Rebecca Senft, Open Position (1)

Speech and Hearing Bioscience and Techology: Tanya Talkar, Open Position

Virology: Colette Matysiak, Open Position (1)

Earth & Planetary SciencesPeter Sherman, Ella Hughes

East Asian Languages & Civilizations: Peng Hai, Open Position (2)

Economics: Adriano Fernandes, Open Position (2)

Education: Parastoo Massoumi, Alysha Banerji, Mary Laski

Engineering & Applied Sciences:

Applied Math: Open Position (1)

Applied Physics: Dean Hazineh, Open Position

Bioengineering: Blakely Bussie O'Connor, Kevin Shani

Computer Science: William Qian, Open Positions (2)

Electrical Engineering: Jon Cruz, Open Position (2)

Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering: Jordan Sosa, Open Position (2)

English: Vanessa Braganza, Karina Matthew

Environmental Science and Engineering: Rebecca Stern

Film and Visual StudiesOpen Position (1)

Germanic Languages and Literatures: Hans M. Pech

Government: Uma Ilavarasan, Hansong Li, Natalie Le

Health Policy Committee: Karen Smith, Lily Hsieh

History: Abdelrahman Mahmoud, DeAnza Cook, Open Position (1)

History of Art & Architecture: Sarah Molina, Alejandro Nodarse

History of Science: Alexis Turner, Molly Walker

Human & Evolutionary BiologyOpen Position (1)

Inner Asian & Altaic Studies: Kristen Pearson

Linguistics: Gunnar Lund

Mathematics: Open Positions (2)

Middle Eastern Studies Committee: Jerry Li, Open Position (1)

Molecular and Cellular Biology: Jack Greisman, Heer Joisier, Anyoha Rockwell

Music: Anna Wang, Davidar Singh

Near Eastern Languages and CivilizationsJulia Puglisi, Open Position (1)

Organismic and Evolutionary Biology: Austin Garner

Organizational Behavior: Open Position (1)

Philosophy: Rachael Goodyear, Malcolm Morano

Physics: Paloma Ocola, Tim Menke, Anthony Badea, Caroline Zhang

Political Economy and Government: Open Position (1)

Population Health Sciences: Daniel Arias, Jourdyn Lawrence, Open Position (1)

Psychology: Franchesa Ramirez, Chelsea Boccagno, Felix Sosa

Public Policy: Laura Morris, Grace MacCormack

Regional Studies - East Asia Committee: Yuyan Zhang, Wei Li

Regional Studies: Russia, E. Europe, Central Asia: Zulfiyya Abdurahimova Carberry

Religion: Chance Bonar, Open Position (2)

Romance Languages and Literatures: Emile Levesque-Jalbert, Lisa Anne Kostur

SEAS - Computational Science and Engineering: Jon Cruz

SEAS - Environmental Science and Engineering: Rebecca Stern, Open Position

Slavic Languages and Literatures: Jess Mitchell

Social Policy: Lauren Taylor

Sociology: Tyler Woods, Hanna Katz

South Asian Studies:Julie Edelstein

Statistics: Kristen Hunter

Systems Biology: Mike Jin, Maximilian Marin