Renewal Process


GSGs and DGSOs need to renew their group yearly. Please see the attached handbook for more details and please read the statement at the bottom of this page. The Fall funding round deadline will occur before renewal forms are due. If you receive funding in the Fall round and do not renew your funds will be retracted. 


Handbook Information

In order maintain active status, GSAS Graduate Student Groups (GSG) and Departmental Student Organizations (DGSOs) must email  a renewal form and paperwork described below to Student Services by 10/28/16. If paperwork is not submitted by  this date, the GSG/DGSO will be inactive for this academic year, removed from the GSAS website, and ineligible for GSC funding.

Renewal Process (please see forms and information in the attached Handbook):

1.       Read GSAS Guidelines and Policies and Rules Relating to GSG and DGSO in GSAS Relationship to Harvard University.

2.        Submit the three documents listed below:

∙ Annual Renewal Form for Graduate Student Groups in GSAS. This document includes the Group’s Mission Statement/ Paragraph for the GSAS website, the Constitution/By-laws, and a Projected Budget for 2016-2017. The document also includes names of all officers (who must all be GSAS students), faculty and staff, and advisors, if applicable.

∙ A Financial Statement-Annual Report from 2016-2017 and a digital copy of the latest bank statement, if you have an account. Guidelines for this task are included in the Financial Management section of the Handbook.

∙ Hazing Policy Acknowledgement Form

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