Upon submission of original receipts (when applicable, both the merchant receipt and the credit card receipt) to the GSC Treasurer (GSC mailbox, 3rd Floor Dudley House), the GSC submits vouchers for reimbursement in the group's name (not in any individual's name) to the relevant GSAS offices in Smith/Holyoke Center. All recognized GSGs must have a TIN (Tax Identification Number) and both must have a bank account in their name. Because payments to groups must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as income, the social security number of an individual is not accepted. Moreover, GSAS will only mail the reimbursement check to a university address (dormitory or home addresses are not acceptable). Please submit your receipts as soon as possible after the event as receipts that are more than 60 days old cannot be reimbursed according to university-wide policy. In the case of DGSOs, reimbursement will only be made to the department. Therefore the department must make the purchases and will be reimbursed via their billing code. The department billing code is not necessary until the time of reimbursement, but obtaining this code is the responsibility of the DGSO. 

In order to expedite reimbursement, please use the appropriate forms to itemize your receipts:

Departmental Graduate Student Organization reimbursement form (use if you represent a DGSO that is reimbursed by departmental billing code)
Graduate Student Group reimbursement form (all other student groups)

Reimbursement requests received without the appropriate form will NOT be accepted. A GSC commitment to reimburse lapses at the end of an academic year (June 1st) and no further reimbursements will be processed after this date. An exception is made for events from the Spring funding round ONLY happening on or after June 1st, in which case the deadline is extended to September 30 (receipts must still be turned in within 60 days of purchase).

If you have digital receipts or need to ask a question regarding this process please email the treasurer: