See payment documents at the bottom of the page. 

1. Conference Grants

 As of December 2016, we no longer need receipts to collect your conference grant award. However, in order to receive GSC conference grant funding, successful applicants must present proof of conference registration to the GSC Treasurer ( Students can submit this information with their payment form before attending the conference, or within 60 days of attending the conference. Proof of conference registration can be your receipt for registration, confirmation of presenting a talk or poster, etc. If you are unsure what to submit, email the treasurer. 

**Please note: Funds for conference grants are issued as a stipend check, which means that they are eligible to be taxed, and will be subject to tax withholding for international students.

Conference grants cover up to $750, but no more than is requested in the original application. Accountable expenses are as follows:

  • Transportation (by the most economical means available)
  • Lodging (excluding food)
  • Registration fees
  • Photocopying for papers being presented (not for resumes)


If you are submitting an application for a Fall 2016 conference grant please read below:

Grant recipients who applied "in advance" or "retroactively" BOTH must submit original receipts. There are many steps in the reimbursement process as outlined below:

  1. The GSC Treasurer submits paperwork to the Dudley House Graduate Staff Assistant
  2. The Dudley House Graduate Staff Assistant adds the recipient to the vendor system
  3. The Dudley House Administrator approves additions to the vendor system
  4. Accounts Payable at the Holyoke Center reviews vendor submissions and approves/rejects submissions
  5. The Dudley House Graduate Staff Assistant processes the payment
  6. The Dudley House Administrator reviews the web voucher and approves payment
  7. Paperwork for approved payments are submitted to Accounts Payable at the Holyoke Center for final processing
  8. Grant checks are mailed to recipients

Due to this complicated process, payments may take up to 4-5 weeks.

2. Summer Research Grants
Summer Research Grants are given as a stipend and do not require receipts. Grants of up to $1000 are available for students doing research during the summer period. Funds for research will be available at the end of the spring semester. Please use the payment form to receive your award. 

Turn the form in BEFORE June 23rd. 


**Please try to turn in reimbursements before June 1st to make it easier on staff. All Reimbursements must be turned in BEFORE June 23rd!



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