GSC Works For New Mental Health Programs

April 1, 2013

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences’ Graduate Student Council is adapting mental health programs implemented at the College to fit its own independent mental health resources.

The GSC kicked off this effort, which includes a drive for improved access to mental health resources and a mental health survey, at a well-attended mental health and wellness resource fair in Dudley House last March.

Mental wellness has been a primary focus for this year’s graduate student government, along with mentoring and diversity, said GSC President Cammi N. Valdez.

The GSC also worked with the Student Health Planning Committee to successfully increase the number of outside mental health visits covered by students’ insurance plans from 12 to 24 annually.

Valdez said that after hearing that undergraduates are asked to fill out surveys before freshman year and twice more before graduating, the council asked why GSAS students did not have a similar survey.

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