GSAS Student Council Elects New Members

April 4, 2013

The Graduate Student Council of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences elected Summer A. Shafer as GSC president Wednesday evening. Several other executive board positions were taken in a surprise coup that Shafer called “an impromptu coalition,” as a number of write-in candidacies were declared at last night’s meeting.

The new administration said goals for the upcoming year would include changing the perception of graduate students from that of students to employees and forming graduate student organizations that can apply for funding in each department.

Shafer, a doctoral candidate in American Studies, said the elections were in stark contrast to last year’s controversial and partisan event, where incumbents held onto five out of six seats in a definitive defeat of Shafer and her allies.

“We pretty much lost every position we ran for [last year] despite preparations,” Shafer said. “This year, there was no plan or strategy.”

Shafer said she and several other candidates, including newly-elected Vice President Andrew J. Pope, originally had no intention of running.

Although Shafer ultimately put her name on the ballot, the others were two of four write-in candidates who were elected.

“There was a domino effect of inspiration at the meeting once people saw that Andrew could deliver a speech on the fly that was passionate,” Shafer said.

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