Graduate Student Council Announces Forum for Teaching Fellows

February 13, 2014

The Graduate Student Council will host a “Teaching Town Hall” on Feb. 19 for teaching fellows and other graduate students to air grievances and look for solutions to problems in the classroom and in dealing with faculty members, the council’s president, Summer A. Shafer, announced at its first monthly meeting of the semester Wednesday.

Shafer said that plans for the town hall meeting came about to address the difficulties and obstacles teaching fellows experience during shopping week and the rest of the school year, as they look for teaching positions and deal with over- or under-enrolled sections. She specifically said that the lack of standardization in section sizes causes uncertainty for teaching fellows who may or may not be needed in the course.

“We as graduate students have to make our own structures,” Shafer said.

Responding to a question from a fellow graduate student, she said that the purpose of the meeting is solely for discussion, not for advocacy.

“No administration will be present, and nothing will be filmed,” said Shafer, who is a graduate student in the History of American Civilization Program. “This will be an open space.”

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