Grad Council Denounces Violence Against UC Occupiers

February 2, 2012

After an hour of heated debate, the Graduate Student Council passed a resolution Wednesday night decrying the violence used against students involved in Occupy protests at the University of California campuses at Davis and Berkeley.

“It was something that was so universal, that students shouldn’t be beaten and pepper-sprayed on their campuses,”  said Summer A. Shafer, a graduate student in the history of American civilization who sponsored the bill. “This resolution seeks to protect all students on Harvard’s campus from violent repercussion.”

The act, passed by a majority of 29 to 9, resolved two months of discussion on whether the GSC’s constitution allowed the council to vote on such a measure.

“There was a lot of debate as to what the role of the GSC is for graduate students,” said GSC President Cammi N. Valdez, a graduate student in biological and biomedical sciences. “When you have a resolution that acts as a blanket statement for all graduate students, there inherently will be debate.”

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