In Annual Elections, Graduate Student Council Retains Many Officers

April 11, 2014

At the Graduate Student Council’s annual elections on Wednesday, many students involved with the Harvard Teaching Campaign were among the candidates elected as GSC officers.

GSC President Summer A. Shafer and Secretary Darcy Frear were elected once more to thier executive positions. At-large represetnative for Social Sciences John Gee was elected vice president.

Elaine F. Stranahan, Rachel Poser, and John M. Nicoludis were all elected for the first time as the at-large representatives for Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary Students, and Natural Sciences, respectively. Meanwhile, Caley C. Smith maintained his position as at-large representatives of Humanities.

A new treasurer was elected, with Jordan Smith replacing Janis V. Calleja, while current vice president Shelley H. Liu lost her bid for president.

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