Everett Mendelsohn Excellence in Mentoring Award

We encourage all GSAS students to nominate professors and advisors who have gone above and beyond in serving and supporting graduate students to receive the Everett Mendelsohn Excellence in Mentoring Award. Nominations are due every year in early March. 

The Mendelsohn Award is presented annually to one or more Harvard faculty members on the basis of nominations from GSAS students. A selection committee reviews nominations from GSAS students in order to highlight for the entire Harvard community faculty members who provide excellent and exceptional mentorship to graduate students. The GSAS Student Council hosts this award in the hope that these mentors will serve as paragons of graduate student advising, thereby fostering a tradition of outstanding faculty mentorship for emerging scholars throughout the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. 

The GSAS Student Council received a Program Award from the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students in recognition of the Mendelsohn Awards in 1999, and the Council is thrilled to continue hosting this annual award competition in order to further its mission to advocate for, honor, and support the entire GSAS community at Harvard. A list of previous winners is available on our Engage website.

For more information and nomination instructions, visit the Documents page of our Engage site and find the PDF called "Everett Mendelsohn Excellence in Mentoring Award Guide and FAQ."


A fulfilling graduate education and successful professional and career development depends critically on the mentoring relationships students can form, especially but not solely with their thesis supervisor. Your nomination of a faculty member should describe how the mentor has provided outstanding support to you, encouraging and promoting your research education, professional and personal development, and career. You may also describe the how the faculty member has provided similar support to other GSAS students. Try to give specific examples and provide stories. 

The sole criterion for the award is excellence in mentoring; the following are just some of the qualities which can contribute to good mentoring, which you should look for in a mentor (in no particular order of importance; a nominee need not have all these qualities):

  • Provides plentiful and excellent guidance on research endeavors 
  • Organizes an effective and inclusive environment for research and scholarship (e.g., lab meetings, colloquia) 
  • Develops students’ talents in a targeted, tailored manner (e.g., research skills, pedagogical proficiency, presenting/speaking technique, facility with writing (including scholarly, popular-press, grants/fellowship applications, etc.) 
  • Promotes students in the academic/professional community and elsewhere 
  • Advocates for and guides students in administrative, organizational and professional matters 
  • Demonstrates care and concern for students as people and supports their personal development 
  • Consistently responds to students’ needs in a timely and effective manner 


  • The nominator must be a current Harvard GSAS student.
  • The nominator must have been mentored by the nominee (although it is not necessary that the nominee be the nominator's principal research advisor).
  • The nominee must be a Harvard faculty member