Mentoring and Marshal Awards

Everett Mendelsohn Excellence in Mentoring Awards

The GSAS Student Council announces the annual awards for excellence by faculty in mentoring graduate students. We seek to recognize those faculty members who go out of of their way to mentor graduate students, honoring them for efforts which often go unnoticed -- but not unappreciated. We invite all GSAS students to nominate candidates to receive these unique honors. Awards will be presented to one or more faculty members on the basis of nominations from GSAS students, judged by the selection committee to be prime exemplars of what it means to truly serve as a mentor. In addition to honoring individual faculty members for their concerns for students, it is the hope of the Council that these mentors can serve as models for all faculty.

Commencement Marshals

Each year, eight graduating students in GSAS and SEAS are chosen as Commencement Marshals. On the morning of Commencement these students help the GSAS deans organize the procession from the GSAS Breakfast to Harvard Yard. They walk at the head the procession, proudly carrying the banners of Dudley House and GSAS, and lead the graduating class into Tercentenary Theatre. It is a wonderful tradition and considered an honor to be chosen as commencement marshal.

Marshals are chosen by a committee of fellow graduate students on the basis of their accomplishments during graduate school, specifically their service on behalf of the graduate school and graduate student community. As of this year, nominations are open to the entire GSAS community, and can be initiated by GSAS students, the department administrator of the nominee, or Harvard faculty.

Other factors are taken into account, but this is primarily an opportunity to honor those activities and services not directly related to obtaining a degree.

Four PhD recipients, two AM recipients (GSAS or SEAS), and two students from either group are chosen, as well as alternates for each position.