The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences provides GSAS students the opportunity to take part in various activities during January@GSAS. This winter session (Typically the secon dand third weeks of January, but see the GSAS website for the most current dates) offers topical workshops and seminars related to building research and professional skills, and a number of non-academic activities, such as service projects and sports tournaments, are also offered.

The GSAS Student Council's contribution to January@GSAS are Mini-Courses! We provide generous financial support, up to $750 per course, for graduate students to create the two-week course of their dreams. Courses can be related to a student's research interests, or his or her personal talents and pleasures may direct the organization of the course. In the past, the GSC was able to offer support for mini-courses covering topics in art, literature, math and science. This year, we yet again ask interested students to submit their ideas for a January mini-course. 

For more information and nomination instructions, visit the Documents page of our Engage site and find the PDF called "GSC | January@GSAS Mini-Course Application Info."

To see what other activities are going to be available through GSAS, please see the January@GSAS home page.