How to Receive Funding

The Graduate Student Council provides funding for recognized GSAS student organizations and groups. Funding is on a reimbursement basis. The guidelines presented in this section are intended to assist groups or individuals who wish to request reimbursement from the GSC for events, annual operating expenses, or start-up costs. Each request is considered on its own merits, and is subject to the budgetary constraints of the GSC. Funding is highly competitive and each request is considered on its own merits.

GSGs and DGSOs need to renew their group yearly. Please see the Renewal page for more information. 

The GSC hosted an information session regarding GSG/DGSOs formation, renewal, and funding on Sept 13 2016. Check out the meeting minutes here

Deadlines for Submission

The GSC considers group funding requests three times each academic year. For the 2016-2017 academic year, the deadlines to submit funding request applications are:

October Meeting Student Group Funding: September 23, 2016
December Meeting Student Group Funding: November 18, 2016
March Meeting Student Group Funding: February 24, 2017
May Meeting Student Group Funding: April 14, 2017

Applications due by Midnight

At least one student representative from each group then must attend the October, December, March, and May Open Meetings when funding decisions are announced. Failure to attend the GSC Open Meeting will result in loss of funding.


Application Forms  

The following items are necessary for a complete application. It is your responsibility to submit a completed application by the deadline. 

Application Form(s)
There are two separate applications depending on the type of group you wish to create. A Departmental Graduate Student Organization (DGSO) is the mechanism by which the GSC provides financially assists departmental organizations. You are expected to have the support of your department in creating the organization. This is necessary as reimbursement will be provided directly to your department via a departmental billing code. In this way, the student organization will be reimbursed.

All other non-departmental organizations are Graduate Student Groups, and will be directly reimbursed by the GSC.

Please select the appropriate application form below:

* If applying for multiple special events, please list all. 

Publicity Requirement:
All events sponsored in part or in whole by the GSC (including regular group meetings) must be added to the official GSC Events Calendar. See here how to send in your events. 


Failure to do so will result in a denial of funding support. We request that you upload posters, flyers, or other publicity for your student group. (.jpg, .pdf, &.doc files accepted). Posters and publicity for events and activities from previous years are acceptable. Uploading publicity is not required but because it demonstrated your effort to share the group experience with larger numbers of graduate students, it can only help your application. 1-2 posters are sufficient.