Harvard Resources

FAS Registrar: Obtain transcripts, file for completion or a leave of absence, petition to waive late fees, and much more.

Harvard International Office: Everything from tax assistance to visa information. 

Dudley House: Stay connected with other graduate students through Dudley's tremendous social and cultural programming, or get in touch to reserve room space.

Paid Parental Time Off: Whether you're adopting or having a child of your own, moms and dads-to-be should contact GSAS in order to plan time off 4 months before your child's birth/arrival.

Office of Career Services: The OCS works to educate, connect, and advise students about opportunities for summer and post-graduation. Look for career fairs or schedule to meet with an advisor regarding employment opportunities.

GSAS Student Groups: Information on current GSAS student groups and contact information for those interested in getting involved.