The GSC Fee


What is the Policy?

All GSAS students are charged the $25 fee annual through their term bill, with the exception of Traveling Scholars. Additional details can be found on the GSAS website.


What Does the Fee Fund?

The entire fee goes to the GSAS Student Council. The $25/year fee helps to pay for Graduate Student Groups and Departmental Graduate Student Organization events, conference grants, summer research grants, council meetings, and other small events/socials. Students can learn more about the applications and deadlines on the GSAS Engage website.


Can Traveling Scholars Op-In?

Students who are on Traveling Scholar status are not billed the GSC fee. However, if Traveling Scholars want to be eligible for GSC funds, such as receiving conference or research grants, they can ask to pay the fee by emailing to


Can the Fee be Waved?

At the direction of the GSC, the GSC fee is assessed to all GSAS students except for traveling scholars and cannot be waived. If you have any questions, please email the GSC Treasurer at