Funding 101

There are 4 steps in getting funding from the GSC.

1. Submission:

  • Funding requests made to GSC by the relevant deadline prior to incurring expenses
  • The application forms can be found here
  • Your GSG/DGSO needs to renew in order to receive funding


2. Funding Committee Recommendation:

  • The Funding Committee examines all the student group and organization funding requests submitted by the deadline and makes funding recommendations to be presented to the full GSC at following Open Meeting.
  • Funding requests are granted only for groups that submitted a complete application by the deadline and adhered to the funding guidelines listed below
  • Applications are reviewed as is, so make your application very clear

PS: The Funding Committee is chaired by the GSC Treasurer and includes 5 elected members.


3. Recommendation Presented for Vote at GSC Open Meeting:

  • In the 3 open meetings after the application deadline, the Funding Committee submits their proposed funding for each group
  • The eligible Student Representatives will vote on the committee’s recommendation and a majority vote will decide GSC’s funding for each student group
  • To receive this funding, at least 1 student representative from each group must attend the GSC open meeting


4. Reimbursement:

Please see the Reimbursement Page