Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can our group apply for funding of more than one event?

Yes. There is no upper limit on the number of events you can request funding for. However, please note that you will have to provide all the relevant details for each proposed event separately.

2. How much funding may be requested from the GSC?

Again, there is no limit on the maximum amount you can request. But you have to justify the expenses and ensure that there is not a cheaper alternative available having a similar quality. Also, please note that amounts spent in excess of allocated funds, even if documented with original receipts, cannot be reimbursed. Amounts spent in accordance with allocated funds, but for which original receipts are not provided, similarly cannot be reimbursed.

3. Can our group receive the funds allocated to us in advance of the event?

No. GSC gives a commitment of funding, but no funds will be disbursed until the group has provided the GSC Treasurer ( with original receipts for expenses incurred.

4. What constitutes a complete application?

A complete application is one where you fill out all the required fields in the application form, give us details about the event and your groups historical budget breakdown. All materials will be kept confidential.

5. Do we have to submit the application online?

Yes. Given the sheer number of applications, the selection committee needs all application files to be submitted electronically to allow for timely review. Paper submissions will not be considered. In case of unresolvable technological difficulties, the committee will consider attachments sent to, but students are asked not to send duplicate materials unless specifically requested.

6. Who decides how to allocate the funds?

The GSC Funding Committee is in charge of deciding how the funds are allocated. The committee is chaired by the GSC Treasurer ( and its membership is comprised of five other student members. The members of the committee may vary from round to round.

7. What are some of the criteria used to award funding?

We use a variety of criteria to make the funding decision including but not limited to potential impact and uniqueness of the event. Please refer to the funding guidelines page to understand all the factors we consider and their relative importance.