Frequently Asked Questions

​​​​​​1. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes, if a) you paid the GSC fee this semester, and b) someone from your department attended at least two GSC Open Council Meetings last semester. International students, traveling scholars, and master's students are eligible if they meet the aforementioned two requirements. A list of eligible departments is linked on GSC website:

2. Can more than one student from a single department receive a grant?

Yes. But no more than three students from a single department may receive awards for Conference Grants in a single academic year. Only one student per department may receive a Summer Research Grant. Check your eligibility on the Eligibility page. 

3. Can conference funds be received in advance of attending the conference?
Yes. If a student is awarded a conference grant in advance of their conference, they may submit proof of conference registration to the GSC Treasurer ( to receive their funding.

4. Can a student apply for reimbursement after attending a conference?

Yes. A student may apply for funding after the conference has taken place (i.e., applying retroactively) but the application must be received by the GSC within 60 days of the beginning of the conference. For example, a student who attended a conference from July 1-3 has until August 29 to submit an application for consideration in the Fall Conference Grant round.

The GSC strongly encourages applicants to plan ahead and to try to secure funding in advance of their conferences.

5. Who chooses the grant recipients?
The selection committee is co-chaired by the GSC Vice President ( and Secretary ( and additionally comprises two GSAS deans, one faculty member, and one Council member at large. The members of the committee may vary from round to round.

6. When will I hear about decisions?
The GSC Conference and Research Grant Selection Committee meets within 2-3 weeks of the application deadline to award grants.

7. I am a Master's student. How can I apply?
GSC Conference Grants will now include conferences, events, and courses that work to improve academic and professional development for Masters Students. Fundable activities include unpaid internships (preferably NGOs), conferences (presenting or attending), networking events, workshops or special courses (not offered at Harvard or MIT).

8. I am a traveling scholar, can I apply?
Yes, the GSC often receives applications from traveling scholars. However, we require all applicants to pay the GSC fee regardless of whether they are awarded a grant. When submitting your application, you must indicate your willingness to pay the GSC fee.

9. How competitive are the Conference and Summer Research Grants?

The number of applicants varies year to year, and cycle to cycle. In general, we receive the most applicants during the Spring round and the fewest applicants in the Fall. For 2017 - 2018, we received between 30 and 60 applications for each round, for a success rate ranging between 1:3 and 1:5. It is important to consider popular times for conferences in your field and to afford plenty of time to secure funding.


Questions should be directed to the GSC Vice President ( and Secretary (