Departmental Graduate Student Organizations

List of GSAS-approved* DGSOs

*only GSAS-approved DGSOs are eligible to apply for funding through the GSC

GSAS Departmental Graduate Student Organizations (DGSOs) are affiliated with a Harvard department, division, or program. They require “official” support and backing from the department and are expected to get majority funding (>=50%) from the department; thus, the pool of GSC funding available to DGSOs is less than what is available to DGSOs. The GSC reimburses DGSOs through the department.

DGSOs can form immediately and independent of the Committee on Graduate Education’s approval.

When starting a DGSO, one should consult the student handbook and contact Jackie Yun and Janet Daniels in the GSAS Student Services Office for more information.

A list of active DGSOs is available here. DGSO officers must renew the DGSO’s status at the beginning of each academic year in order for their group to remain active. Only active DGSOs are eligible to apply for GSC funding.