Application Procedure


1. First, read the Award Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions about the nomination process. (Also see Previous Recipients.)

2. Write an Statement of Nomination describing your relationship with your faculty nominee and how they have distinguished themselves as a mentor to you. Feel free to share specific stories and anecdotes as appropriate. In short, how has the nominee's mentoring enhanced your graduate education and professional and personal development?

Up to four students may nominate the same faculty member for the award. There is a box in the Contact Information Survey to list the additional students' names and emails. You may wish to consult the awards criteria for possible qualities which you may want to cite. All nominations will be kept strictly confidential. The Statement of Nominations' are typically 1-2 pages, however there is no minimum or maximum length.

This essay should be named:


E.g. "John_Smith-Mentoring-Nomination.pdf"

3. Upload your statement of nomination here. Only complete applications will be considered.