The Harvard Graduate Student Council represents graduate students in academic, administrative and residential matters for the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University, with an increasing focus on labor conditions. Through regular meetings and ongoing dialogue, the GSC brings students together across disciplines in order to raise matters of concern, be they general or specific.

We meet with concerned students as well as with administrators to address some of the most pressing issues graduate students face during a particularly tumultuous time in our lives and amid major changes in the nature of higher education. Through re-distribution of students' annual dues, we are able to award grants for travel and research, sponsor GSAS student groups and organizations so that they can host social and intellectual events throughout the year, we sponsor Mini-Courses during January @GSAS, as well as provide computing facilities and free printing in the Dudley House Library.

Representatives to the Council are chosen (increasingly through elections) from within departments and programs, and these representatives assume the responsibility of speaking and voting on behalf of their constituents. However, anyone can attend our open meetings, form student groups, initiate referenda, join committees (such as those that disburse funds to groups or alter our governing documents), and speak at open meetings. We speak with many voices, but as we come closer together, we grow louder. We hope you'll add your voice to this, your organization, in 2018-2019! 

Want the basic run down of GSC? Check out our cheat sheet.