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Elections in April: WATCH THIS SPACE!

A candidate who desires to have a statement posted online must email a 300 word statement and a headshot to harvardgsc@gmail.com (subject heading "Election Bio"), by April 3rd, 2015, in order to have his or her name placed on the ballot. Any member of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (who has paid the annual GSC fee) is eligible to run for any position from the floor of the meeting as a write-in candidate. Speeches vary in length according to position (those filling cabinet positions and in competitive races are given more time). Questions about the process should be directed to the Parliamentarian.

In order to VOTE in the election, you must be the one or or one of the official designated representatives for your department/program (a census is taken at the beginning of the school year). In the absence of an official representative(s), any departmental member may cast a vote as a proxy representative on behalf of his or her department, division, or program. In order to cast a proxy ballot, you must have the permission of official representative. This may come in the form of an email from a harvard.edu address or a written and signed note. Other representatives may not serve as proxy for co-representatives--one person, one vote.

Due to our system of proportional departmental representation, the number of representatives accorded to each department varies depending on the number of students so enrolled. Programs with 1-35 students are apportioned one representative, two representatives appear on behalf of programs with 36-70 students, and departments and divisions enrolling more than 70 students receive three representatives. Representatives of student organizations lack the franchise unless they also serve as an official departmental representative.

The Parliamentarian and the Secretary can be contacted if any confusion arises.

GSC Student Survey

The results of the GSC's Student Teaching Survey can be found here. Our graphical appendix for the survey can be found here.

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